Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Good Morning!

So, I could show you more pictures of my Fisherman's Rib Shawl, but it's really just a big rectangle that's getting slightly bigger. Therefore, I decided to talk about some other crafts that I enjoy doing when I have the time or inclination.

My husband refers to me as Craftually ADD, in that, I rarely stick to one craft very long, and will abandon projects at the drop of a hat if something shiny comes along.

Knitting and sewing are my main crafts. I learned to do both when I was four from my Grandma. I tend to knit more than I sew right now, because I can easily knit in front of the TV or computer depending on what I'm doing. Not so much with the sewing. I know how to do beginner crochet too, but I only learned about 8 years ago and I didn't really keep up with it. Making some tiny lace things is something I'd like to get into eventually, but my knitting usually calls me louder than crochet, mainly because crochet is still a struggle for me as I'm technically still learning.

What I'm going to show you pictures of though is my other favourite fibre craft. Cross stitch. I learned how to do this at school when I was 11, and it's the only embroidery I can do with any amount of decency. I've always wanted to figure out how to embroider and make things pretty, and I'm determined that before I die I'd like to make a sampler with different embroidery, just to say I did it. However, when I just want to play with some thread and needles, I reach for my geeky cross stitch patterns. Like this lovely Mario Mushroom.

The nice thing about cross stitch for me is that I can easily grab a photo of a silhouette and with a little figuring, make my own simple patterns. The next two designs were designed by me, and if you want to use them as inspiration go ahead. If you want me to chart out the patterns let me know and I'll stick them up here somewhere. They're a little racy, but I'm a pole dancer for fitness and confidence and absolutely love playing on the pole. So I made a couple designs to go on my bags. These guys are only about an inch and a half on their longest side, and are really quick to stitch up.

I have a number of other designs to work on for my pole ladies. They take a bit longer to do because I have to figure out the design myself.

So yes, I am multicraftual and you'll likely see a bunch of different things pop up here, if you have any good crochet or embroidery resources please let me know in the comments. I'll definitely check them out.

I'll leave you with proof that my kitties are weird, because what's a craft blog without some pet photos right?

Peari and her not very ladylike way of warming her belly by the fire, which, since fall is starting to cool us down, the fire will be coming back online soon. I love knitting by the fire!

This is Maow Maow's way of stealing water. If the water isn't in a bowl she won't drink it straight from its container. She uses her paw to scoop the water into her mouth, which is smarter than Peari, who just sticks her face in and inhales the water up her nose.

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